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HMA | Hide My Ass VPN

Without a VPN all of your internet data is worldwide open to interception from third parties. ISPs (Your Internet Service Provider), governments and snoopers are able to get your internet browsing histories and all data also.

But when you enable the HMA! VPN your data will be prevented. To get instant secure your data, information, and browsing histories just click on ‘Connect’ button. Secured means no more possibility of snooping, cyber-crime and hacking. So secure your privacy by one click on HIDEmyASS software.

What is VPN:

VPN- virtual private network gives the opportunity to browse internet anonymously and securely from worldwide IP location whatever you want. VPN makes the connection encrypted between the internet and your devices.

If you want to stream the favorite TV shows when you are out of the region. But the shows are preventing for outside people. Then you should use VPN software like HMA! VPN for unblocking the access or hide your present location also. HMA! VPN is the complete solution because it supports all the devices.

You should have HMA! VPN, why?

  • Quick and easy solution to secure the internet connection by one click you should use HMA! VPN. When you are on public Wi-Fi it can give you instant security.
  • Choose this VPN to appear you anywhere in the world as you wish. Such as, your hometown in Texas but you wants to watch the regional-based content which is allowed for Mexican people only, and then you should have HMA! VPN.
  • HMA! VPN provides huge network servers to make you anonymous, secure and private your data. Nobody can see what you are doing online, what sites you visited or what product you have bought online.

HMA! VPN Prices and Plans

HMA! VPN offers general and business packages for the clients. All services are included whichever price plan you choose. It can be used in multi-devices or multi-platform such as- windows, Linux, Android, Mac or iOS. Also have unlimited upload and download facilities and the super fast biggest network of 760+ servers in 190+ county locations.

Prepaid monthly payment for 1-month plan $11.99 only and prepaid yearly payment for 12-months plan $6.99/month only. It’s the cheapest price in 2018 but remember that for 1 licence can use 5 simultaneous connections. For more connection you should choose business plan.

HMA! VPN provides the business plan for more simultaneous connections (10 simultaneous connections, 20 simultaneous connections, and 30 simultaneous connections) at cheap prices. Know more about business plans.

A free proxy server is good and gives you a basic level of online privacy. HMA! VPN doesn’t offer any free proxy service at present. But currently they are working hard to provide free proxy servicer and it may be run in the next few months.

Money back guarantee for 30-days

HMA! VPN is most confident that you will not be unsatisfied with it. But if you are unsatisfied within 30 days period for anything then there has a great option to cancel any time to get refund your money safely. No money will be cut or no question will be asked. So don’t waste your time click the button below and get instant access on HMA!

Essential Usability of HMA! VPN

Go Streaming: With HMA! You can choose to appear anywhere in the world. Meaning you can kick back and stream your TV shows from home even when you’re abroad (yep, not usually possible). Stream Your Favourite TV Shows Anytime, anywhere — no matter where you’re located!

Secure Public Wi-Fi: Public Wi‑Fi is the easiest target for those pesky hackers. Without a VPN all your internet data is widely open to interception from third parties. With HMA! VPN, you can secure all your information, data and browsing history instantly. Secured means no more possibility of snooping cybercrime and hacking.

Keep Data Private: Your Internet Service provider may want to track, store, and even sell your personal browsing history. Using HMA! VPN software you can prevent them to do those. Also, you can become anonymous to making private your all online activity.