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McAfee Total Protection Review

Do you want to protect the devices at home/ in the office? Do you want extra tools like parental control or anti-spam? McAfee Total Protection will be the best solution for you then. Let’s find out more about the software and summarize it in the McAfee Total Protection review below.

Why You Need to try McAfee Total Protection

First of all, this is undoubtedly one of the most respected and trusted antivirus developers. It delivers high-quality protection and a set of extra tools to prevent all kinds of threats and viruses from getting onto your device. The program supports major operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android.

Smart licensing allows covering as many devices as needed with one license. This is a perfect solution for businesses. Moreover, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 24/7 support adds convenience to using this antivirus. Extra features like parental control, anti-spam, and the True Key app make using this software very easy.

On the other hand, this version brings two big downsides. It takes lots of resources and needs to have real-time protection improved. However, the services are decent for the price you pay.

The advantages and disadvantages of using McAfee Total Protection

There is no McAfee Total Protection review without the comparison of the pros and cons. So, let’s take a closer look at the strong and weak sides of this antivirus.

The advantages include:

  1. Very easy installation, navigation, and interface. Any user can easily adjust the setting to one’s taste and enjoy the simplicity of this program.
  2. Good protection from different kinds of threats as well as the virus-detection level.
  3. This software removes the viruses 100% and there won’t be a trace left.

On the other hand, there are some drawbacks. They are:

  1. The antivirus takes more system resources than other similar solutions.
  2. Some users think it’s overpriced.

Useful Facts to Know Before the Purchase

If you look into antiviruses, you need to level up your security. There are 2 main areas where the program needs to prove it’s worth the money and attention. They are regular scans and real-time protection. According to the results from the independent testing labs, McAfee Total Protection is in the top league covering both areas. Different labs show different results but they vary from 99.6 to 99.7% and 100% detecting potential threats. These are excellent results.

Keep in mind that this antivirus influences the system performance a bit. It’s the biggest downside to this program. McAfee occupies up to 200 Mb of RAM.  

The ease of use, on the contrary, is the biggest advantage of getting this antivirus solution. It’s one of the friendliest options on the market. The interface is very informative and can be intuitively navigated even by a beginner.

When you need to scan your device, however, you won’t be able to do it in one click. Yet, it’s still very easy as you go to Scan for viruses and choose between a quick and a full scan.

Protecting your personal information, McAfee Total Protection goes the extra mile. It can monitor up to 10 email addresses, phone numbers, bank accounts, credit/debit cards, medical IDs, 1 SSN, a driver’s license, and some membership cards.


McAfee was created to impress and that’s what it does. Just think about it. There is a password manager, a VPN, file encryption, identity protection, file shredder, perfect malware protection, etc. Protect all your devices with one license. As you see, there is so much more than the basic core protection.