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VyprVPN Review | As My Best Experience

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Super fast speed
Unlimited Bandwidth
All device compatibility
Best Customer Support 24/7
3-days Money Back Guarantee


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When you are online without a trusted VPN, you are at risk. Your ISP can collect your location, IP addresses, online activities and communication easily. So, using VyprVPN you can encrypt your connection to secure your data even when you are on public Wi-Fi. It can protect your online privacy from hacking, snooping or monitoring.

VyprVPN: The Best VPN for You

At present, the numbers of VPN providers are competing to give their best services. But only VyprVPN is operating their own hardware and network without the help of any third parties. VyprVPn has own 700+ servers in 70+ global locations. Using it you can protect your privacy from end-to-end with the fastest speed.

Unblocking the Internet Access

Many websites and streaming services are not allowed to access from out of their region. If you want to access those websites you should use VyprVPN to unblock the restrictions instantly. It can give you anonymous internet access from anywhere you are in.

VyprVPN for All Devices

All device supported VyprVPN app is ready to download on their website. VPN for iOS or VPN for Android protect your online privacy across the mobile devices. VyprVPN app offers easy-to-configure system, automatic features that ensure encrypted connection all time. You can download the VPN for windows and VPN for Mac to use it in all devices to secure online activities. Download VyprVPN from official website https://www.goldenfrog.com/vyprvpn


  • 200,000+ IP addresses
  • Unlimited server switching
  • 24x7x365 customer support
  • Unlimited download bandwidth
  • Dedicated account manager


  • Only 3 days free trial

VyprVPN Price and Plans

VyprVPN offers the different prices for different plans. Prices may up or down according to simultaneous connections and durations.  You can choose any plan from the listed below:

3 simultaneous connections: You can use one VyprVPN license in three (3) devices at a time. Also, have 3-day free trial included!

  • Only $5.00/mo for the 12-month plan- you have to pay $60 annually.
  • Only $9.95/mo for the 1-month plan- you have to pay every month.

5 simultaneous connections: You can connect one VyprVPN license in five (5) devices at once. It also includes the 3-days free trial period.

  • Only $6.67/mo for the 12-month plan- you have to pay $80 annually.
  • Only $12.95/mo for the 1-month plan- you have to pay every month.

VyprVPN for Business

Choose VyprVPN for Business to secure your business information and online communications. It is an easy-to-use cloud VPN that offers overall control of your system. VyprVPN provides to you the own dedicated server and your own dedicated IP for your business to enjoy its’ all benefits. The vyprVPN app has very fast speed and easy user interface, so anyone can be connected and run in a minute.

Features of VyprVPN for Business

Easy User Management: Admin can manage the users by using admin control panel. Adding or removing the users and controlling the user’s access is very easy for the admin.

Dedicated Account Manager: To help you fast VyprVPN includes a dedicated account manager with the VyprVPN for Business account. It helps to achieve your business goal securely. Although there has 24x7x365 Tier 1 & Tier 2 customer support and has the way to contact with network engineers to quick response to any service issue.

Blazing VPN Speeds: The VyprVPN engineers are constantly working to ensure the highest-speed and proper security for broadband and public Wi-Fi connections.

Unlimited Usage: You can connect any VyprVPN server anytime anywhere, without bandwidth limitations or download caps. Easily switch between servers locations at no extra charge.

NAT Firewall: VyprVPN includes an extra layer of security by using NAT Firewall. When you connect with VyprVPN on your device NAT firewall blocks the unwanted global traffic.